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Entrepreneurs’ union of Novokuznetsk 

Full name:

Public organization “Entrepreneurship assistance on the territory of Novokuznetsk”

Short name: PO SPN

The organization is registered by the Management of the Justice Department of Russian Federation in the Kemerovo region on November, 11th, 2010, and is voluntary self-regulating, non-commercial association of entrepreneurs of Novokuznetsk. The main aim of the Organization is support of entrepreneurship development and protection of entrepreneurs’ legitimate interests.

Basic objectives of the organization

1. Support in creating favorable conditions for the development of entrepreneurship;

2. Protection of entrepreneurs’ rights;

3.  Creation of new conditions for the development of civilized entrepreneurship in Novokuznetsk.

Main areas of activities

1. Representation and protection of interests of entrepreneurship in federal bodies of legislative, executive and judicial power, local government bodies;

2. Realization of social expertise of legislative and statutory acts;

3. Support of innovative activities of enterprises;

4. Organization and conduction of “Entrepreneur of the year” contest, as well as other events, contests and Olympics.

5. Assistance in the development and realization of federal, regional, local and field programs of development and support of small medium business;

6. Providing informational, consulting, methodological and other kinds of help to organizations of entrepreneurship support;

7. Organization of differential trainings and retrainings of entrepreneurs.

Members of the Organization, their rights and duties

Admission of the Organization to membership is made solely on a voluntary basis and on the basis of individual applications of physical bodies or decisions of decision-making legal bodies – public associations.

Regulatory body of the Organization

Top governing body of the Organization is General meeting of members of the Organization, which elects the President of the Organization. Committees on specific activities are created out of members of the Organization.

Martyushov Sergey Vasiliyevich was elected the president of the Union of entrepreneurs of Novokuznetsk.

How to enter the Union

Legal and physical bodies registered on the territory of Novokuznetsk can be taken in to the Union of entrepreneurs.

Individual entrepreneurs, as well as legal bodies, registered beyond the territory of Novokuznetsk can be taken on the Union as associated members. Associated member have consultative capacity at the meetings and session pari passu with the members of the Union, have a right to provide and protect their rights and legal interest by the Union, as well as other opportunities and advantages of the Union’s members.

Decisions on taking new members are taken by the Union of entrepreneurship of the city, which meetings are held regularly, not rarer that once a quarter. The Council’s decision about taking new members is further ratified at the general meeting of the Union of entrepreneurs of Novokuznetsk.

Membership fees are paid monthly, until the 7th day of the next month. The amount of the fee is specified in the application by the applicant himself.

Membership application, copies of the documents attached, which list is specified in the application form, and the filled form must be provided to the directorate of the Entrepreneurs Union of Novokuznetsk.

Members of the Entrepreneurs Union of Novokuznetsk are allowed:



1. to take part on organizational and purposeful activity on entrepreneurship assistance, creating conditions for successful entrepreneurship, including law making activity – development of legislative initiatives, discussion and expertise of legislative drafts;

2. to get assistance in arrangement of contacts with representatives of public authorities and management, heads of large enterprises and organizations, other social associations;

3. to raise the number of business partners and realization of mutually profitable programs and projects within the Union;

4. to get assistance in protection of rights, recommendations and intercessions from the name of the Union;

5. to take part in the “Programs of development for small and medium business in Novokuznetsk”;

6. to get information regularly:

• about legislative amendments;

• about opportunities of loaning and investing;

• about commercial proposals;

• about bidding and purchasing;

• about advanced training;

• about holding tenders, exhibitions, seminars, conferences, including Russian and international ones;

7. to communicate, interchange information with famous entrepreneurs, representatives of the city’s and region’s administration;

8. to take part in open discussions, seminars, conferences, exchanges, business contacts and other events for exchanging experience;

9. to maintain social reputation, PR-support, to take part in beneficent and corporative events with mass-media presence;

10. to use the symbols of the Union while promoting their products and services (on agreement);

11. to highlight achievements and place other materials on the web-site of the Union and in “Kuznetskiy most” newspaper;

12. to provide “Kuznetskiy most” newspaper on the regular basis with further delivery;

13. to place electronic pages (mini-sites) of members on the informational web-site of the Union for free.

Contact details

654007, Kemerovo region, Novokuznetsk, Ordzhonikidze st., 35 - room 907/4; (3843) 46-40-56/

Sincerely yours,

President of the Entrepreneurs’ Union, Martyushov S.V.